The Gigglegog


Sally had a gigglegog Billy had one too, But Billy’s wouldn’t giggle, So what’s a boy to do?

Let’s take it to the doctor, Said Sally, come on quick, When gigglegogs don’t giggle, We know the gog is sick.

They tried to feed it bubble chunks, And glippy gloppy glue And fluffy wuffle chuckle pops But still it wouldn’t do.

They drove it in the wugglebug Wrapped in fluffy foo, Billy held his gigglegog And looked a little blue.

The doctor saw the gigglegog Which cried and said “Boo Hoo, Doctor, fix the floppy bits So gog will feel brand new!”

The Doctor said the gigglegog Was playing pinky poo And that is something gigglegogs Must never over do.

The gigglegog played sniffy dog With pinky poo next door And now the little gigglegog Can’t giggle anymore.

It didn’t wear a flumpy dump Now where’s the sense in that? That’s how Billy’s gigglegog Had giggle bits go flat.

The Doctor said “Here’s pickle pops To tickle gog each day Until the gog can giggle And it feels more bright and gay.”

The gogs got in the wuggle bug And heard young Sally say, No more playing sniffy dog With pinky poo today.

After many pickle pops The gog was soon okay, And off to find his pinky poo While giggling away.

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