Bored of My Pants


When Michael was little He took a firm stance He said, mum I hate them, I won’t wear these pants.

He hopped and he leaped And he hollered “too tight!” He’d twirl in a frenzy Till late in the night.

He’d spin like a dervish He’d stomp and he’d bleat, While mum pulled knickers Over his feet

I hate them, I hate them He’d tap with his shoe I’m bored with the pants I want something new.

She’d chase him for hours Until she gave in He’d wiggle and prance In a bare bottomed spin.

A tippety tappety Hop and a jump From bedside to table He’d land with a thump.

His feet moved so quickly There wasn’t a chance, Of catching young Michael Who hated his pants.

Now he is famous From Hong Kong to France Behold! Michael Flatley The Lord of the Dance.

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